Milko Gold Powder

Boost the performance of your herd for profitable outcomes.

Class Type Pack Size
Livestock | Nutritional Supplement Oral Powder 1 / 5 / 25 Kg
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Milko Gold is an excellent combination of vitamins and minerals complemented with potent carriers including soybean meal and corn gluten necessary to enhance the productivity of a herd. It can be used to improve growth and production by optimizing the functions of digestive and reproductive system of animals.


Milko Gold is used for the prevention of deficiency symptoms like reduced fertility, lower conception rate, RFM, body weakness, decreased immunity, retarded growth, irregular heat cycle, pica, milk fever, red water and osteomalacia etc.


Each Kg contains:

Vitamin A 0.8 gm
Vitamin D3 0.16 gm
Vitamin E 0.38 gm
Vitamin B1 1.0 gm
Vitamin B2 1.25 gm
Vitamin B6 4.0 gm
Vitamin B12 0.001 gm
Vitamin B3 6.25 gm
Copper Sulphate 0.25 gm
Magnesium Sulphate 25.0 gm
Calcium Chloride 0.023 gm
Zinc Sulphate 2.17 gm
Manganese Sulphate 10.0 gm
Potassium Iodide 0.5 gm
Sodium Selenite 0.01 gm
Dicalcium Phosphate (P) 150 gm
Sodium Chloride 120 gm


Milko Gold should be used daily in feed on per head basis to avoid deficiency symptoms.

  • Cattle & Buffalo (Milking): 75-100 grams.
  • Cattle & Buffalo (Fattening): 50-75 grams.
  • Calves/Sheep/Goat: 10 grams.
  • Camel/Horses: 50 grams.


  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it below 25˚C in a cool and dark place.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.